Student Performances & Work

PACS music student Naomi M. with a rendition of the Super Mario Bros. Theme performed on violin.
Song by Shamvoy S. (12th grade) Featuring Josh M. (12th grade) and Kareli R. (10th grade) Directed by Angel R. (10th grade) Produced by YSMbeats (​)
Cover of "Lost in Hollywood" by System of a Down Diego R. (10th Grade)
"Never Fold" by Aiyahni R. (9th Grade)
Mixed by Oswaldo R.
PACS Showcase at Coffee With The Superintendent on April 26, 2017 "Asi naci" by Alta Consigna Performed by Omar G. (11th grade), Aldo R. (9th grade), Raymond L.(11th grade), and Luis D. (11th), Bryan S.(12th grade) "Pachelbel Canon" Performed by Carmen G. (11th grade), Ramon F. (11th grade), Mark A. (11th grade), Fernando C. (11th grade), Philipp B. (12th grade) "Mestizo Dreams" Performed by Shamvoy S. (12th grade), Josh M. (12th grade), Kareli R. (10th grade), and Angel S. (10th grade)
Our PACS Science teacher, Mr. Stolzenbach, has shown his students how to make a simple scale at home. Below is a video of a student, Arnoldo Lopez, demonstrating this scale made using items often found in the home: a coat hanger, some wire, a drill, scissors, rice and salt. The explanation is in Spanish.